Şemsi Serdar MOLDİBİ (LLM)


Semsi Serdar Moldibi was born in 1981 at Cairo (Egypte). He completed his primary school in Ecole Saida, Paris. And he completed his secondary and high school education in Ankara Anatolian High School. In 2003 he graduated from Cankaya University Faculty of Law. He was admitted to Ankara Bar Association in 2006. He was selected student represent by Prof. Selma CETİNER, the dean of the faculty of Law in 2009. He had his Master’s Degree from Information Technology Law of Hacettepe University, Faculty of Law in 2011. He is a PhD student of History of Medicine and Ethics Department since 2013. He is working in the Union Of Chambers and Commadity Exchange of Turkey in Trade Department.