Administrative assignments: Research Assistant in History of Medicine and Ethics
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Çağrı Zeybek Ünsal was born in 1981, Ankara where she accomplished her primary, secondary and high school education. She holds a bachelor of science degree from Başkent University Faculty of Law. After her graduation, she was admitted to Ankara Bar Association in 2005. She received a master's degree on information technology law from Hacettepe University Faculty of Law in 2012 and was written an article on the Google’s privacy policy in 2012 with regard to data protection law as a final project. Her interest on information technology law and data protection lead her to pursue her career on bioethics at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Department of History of Medicine and Ethics. Since 2013 she has been doing her PhD on bioethics and her main focus is the ethical and human rights challenges of emerging technologies and their convergence, including biotechnologies, neurotechnologies, nanotechnologies and information technologies. Her PhD thesis is based on ethical and legal challenges of emerging medical technologies and drafting the necessary national legislation for new developments by examining the relationship between bioethics and law with reference to the Oviedo Convention and international documents on bioethics. Cagri Zeybek √únsal's most recent research has focused on data protection and privacy issues arises from emerging technologies in biomedicine.

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